Installation (of new equipment)
Setting up (configuring software, settings etc)
Mot's (routine maintenance & checking fail-safes.)
Upgrades (what can you do to get your existing gear to work better?)
Broadband (if you haven't got it you need to get it soon!)
Networking (sorting out the best way for computers to connect with each other)
(using Airport)
Repairs (to computers which have packed up, developed faults or gone on a go-slow)
Data transfer (when you need to get stuff from your old mac or pc to your new mac etc)
Emergencies (when the going has got tough)
Data recovery (when the going got even tougher and you want your files back)
Telephone service-calls (I can sometimes fix problems remotely by phone)
Distance Support by remote log-in (A pre-arranged service where your computer can be accessed from a distance)

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