Mac Data Recovery Services:
(from £50)

When you have a potential disaster on your hands and have lost access to mission-critical information:

Rule No 1 - STOP & don't use the faulty computer/hard drive at all - as the chances of fully regaining everything will get slimmer and slimmer.

Rule No 2 - Get expert advice straight away. (contact details at the bottom)

Data recovery services are available in-house, or for more complex work requiring physical dissembly of hard drives in a clean room, we have an association with the best high-tech data recovery service provider.

Often recovery can be performed in simpler and thus more economical ways which don’t require the most complex technical processes. As a Mac Specialist, I have considerable experience of getting back files from Mac OS X disks and will always analyze a situation carefully and thoroughly so as to make the most economical approach to the recovery. Many times a problem that looks impossible can be resolved without recourse to the necessarily costly services of a specialised data recovery house. There are times though when due to very serious physical failures of the drive mechanism, complex and demanding high-tech work in a clean lab is necessary.

Your data can be returned on an external hard drive, cds, dvds etc or you may prefer to have a seamless restore where you receive a machine working in the same way as before your breakdown, with the same files & customisation (subject to the extent of data loss). In whichever case you have the benefit of a Mac Specialist to help you get things back to normal.